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Breakthrough Teaching

Foundational Word Based powerful teaching in your area of struggle


Powerful Affirmations

Speak out God’s Word over your life with power, confidence and strength

Prophetic Meditations

Meditate on God’s truth as you soak in His presence and peace  

Bold Fiery Proclamations

The Word of God proclaimed over you with power and authority

Prayers of Power and Strength

Be prayed over or pray powerful Biblically based prayers

Memorization Made Easy

Memorizing Scripture has never been so easy when it is done for you

Reflections & Worship

Listen to God’s healing and refreshing Words as you spend time in His presence.

LIVE Presence Moments

Time with God will never be the same when you unite in worship around the world

We’ll Show You How To Receive Breakthrough Every Day God’s Way

God ALWAYS has a plan for you… a way out… a path to travel. The key is finding out what that is. His WORD has your answer every single time. Hidden in the Healer is fully based on the Word of God to bring you your breakthrough. Everything we do, every tool we’ve created, is to lead you to personal, spiritual, physical and natural breakthrough. Follow God’s Word and you’ll ALWAYS win. You’ll always receive victory becuase that IS His will for you!

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We have you covered in every arena. Hidden in the Healer is easy to use, mobile and computer friendly and available on all platforms.


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Success Stories

What I’ve experienced through the anointing on Deb is not only just encouragement, but breakthrough in my personal life and ministry. She won’t hold back when necessary, but every word is filled with love and her full support to overcome whatever the enemy throws at you.

Rhonda Kingman

Awaken Beautiful Soul

When I FINALLY forgave my ex-husband, I experienced a freedom like I had never experienced before. It changed how I reacted or perceived things for the better. I was more open to what God wanted to show me. I’m so thankful for this ministry and all that God has done in my life!

Christina Lankford

Financial Services

I was feeling some anxiety while I was editing this site! When I got to the Prayer on Anxiety, I stopped to listen to it. I WAS SET FREE listening & agreeing with myself praying over you! WOW! Go God! I was in AWE & WORSHIPPING God by the end of the audio. So thankful for God’s faithfulness!

Deb Hollis

CEO, Co-Owner

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