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How Much Is Hidden in the Healer?

Our 7 Day Trial is only $1.00. At the end of the 7 days, it will automatically renew at $12.95 each month unless you cancel. Your membership will continue for as long as you desire to have it. You can cancel at anytime. 

If you would like to save 20% and purchase our yearly plan, it is $129.50. It will automatically renew for the same amount 365 days later if you do not cancel. Don’t worry, we’ll remind you as it gets closer.  

What Is Our Cancelation Policy?

You may cancel at anytime. You’ll have the ability to cancel your membership within your account on the Account Dashboard. 

What Do We Believe?

We believe in the Word of God as THE authority. Every teaching is based off of God’s Word as the truth and the way for Biblical Breakthrough.

We believe in God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son and The Holy Spirit.

We believe Jesus Christ came to this earth, healed many, went to the cross and died for our sins. We believe He rose from the dead 3 days later and ascended into Heaven.

We believe God has provided the answer, the way out, the provision and the blessing to every challenge or circumstance we encounter.

We believe in the authority of the Believer as a child of God and all the blessing and inheritance that belongs to the Believer.


Can I Give HITH As A Gift?

Absolutely. You can sign someone up and pay their monthly/yearly membership cost yourself OR, you can email us for a GIFT CERTIFICATE and we will send you something that you can give them so they can sign themselves up. Email as at clientcare@hiddeninthehealer.com 

Where Can I Submit My Topic Idea?

We LOVE to hear from our members. If you have an awesome idea or topic that you think should be added to Hidden in the Healer, please do not hesitate to suggest your idea HERE: SUGGEST A TOPIC OR IDEA

Where Can I Share My Testimony?

Testimonies are THE MOST AWESOME communication we get. We LOVE hearing from our members. Please send us your testimony to testimony@hiddeninthehealer.com OR share it on our CONTACT page.

Where Can I Ask For Prayer?

Our team would be honored to pray for you. You can submit your prayer request HERE. We will pray God’s Word over your life and situation.

Can I Download Your Content?

While we understand why you would want to, our content must remain within our membership site. It is copywrited and protected by law. That said, feel free to log in as often as you want and enjoy what we have to offer. We will continue to add more content every month.

How Does It Work?

Everything we are doing is based on God’s Word. Every component of Hidden in the Healer is framed around the Word of God. The idea is that no matter what you are feeling, struggling with or going through, we desire to provide the content you need in that moment of struggle to overcome. Every piece of what we offer is all about YOUR breakthrough. We hope and pray you will avail yourself of what we offer so you CAN overcome when you need to most. You can also look at our Breakthrough Path to Success to help lead you through.

How Do I Get MORE Help?

We fully understand that sometimes you simply need some one on one time with a coach to help you grow and break through to the next level. We have coaches available to help you. Our rates will be shared with you when you contact us. You can email us at coaching@hiddeninthehealer.com or contact us on our CONTACT page. 

What Is Your Refund Policy?

You may ask for a refund up to 14 days after purchase of the monthly or yearly membership. (This includes the 7 Day Trial.) On the 15th day of your membership, refunds will no longer be given. We feel fairly certain that you will see the value long before your 14 days are up. Before you request a refund, please let us help and answer any questions or concerns you might have. You can email us at clientcare@hiddeninthehealer.com. We are here to help. 

You can read up on our entire refund policy and all our Terms of Service HERE. It is also located at the bottom of this page in the footer menu.

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