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Hidden in the Healer


Step 1: Define Your Struggle: What do You Feel Right Now?

Yes, your feelings are important. You cannot overcome what you don’t define within yourself.


Step 2: Ask The Holy Spirit for Help

He knows what you need right now. Give Him an opening to show you what will help you most.


STEP 3: Decide What You Heard!

Go with what you hear, what you sense, what your “gut” says. The more you ask and listen, the more you’ll learn to hear what He says.


STEP 4: Make A Decision to Grow!

You are in control! You get to choose to stay stuck or grow to the next level. This is your moment to thrive!


STEP 5: Coach Yourself to Victory!

Be your own advocate. Make a choice! CHOOSE the path of power, victory and breakthrough!

Let’s Get Started

It’s time to take back your life and LIVE in the greatness God has for you!

Breakthrough Teaching

Foundational Word Based powerful teaching in your area of struggle!


Every Audio Teaching is based on God’s Word. We’ve provided the Scriptures used, a place for discussion and an encouraging word as you begin.

Our teachings are  on average 15 minutes or less. We do this on purpose so you will be able to listen to it in one sitting. 

Each mini teaching has a full sized message to it that will help, guide, convict and strength you. Our goal is YOUR breakthrough!


Powerful Affirmations

Speak out God’s Word over your life with power, confidence and strength!


When we are in a struggle, we tend to forget who we are in Christ, what we have as a child of God and what we need to overcome.

These powerful audio affirmations will allow you to speak God’s promises over yourself. If you need additional help, you’ll be able to speak them with us to help you along.

It is life-changing when you speak out God’s truths over your own life on a daily basis. Breakthrough WILL come!

Prophetic Meditations

Meditate on God’s truth as you soak in His presence and peace!


There are times when we desire to spend time with God but don’t know how to do it. 

These powerful prophetic meditations will allow you to close your eyes, relax and simply focus on what God is saying to you.

They are set to powerful music as well as visualizations that will help you to release and let go of your own struggles so you can embrace what God has for you.


Connection and Community

Spend time with friends, sharing love and encouragement as you fight in faith!


Nothing can replace the power of community and connection. We have an incredible group of believers who are ready to  help, encourage and equip you in your struggles… as well as our own coaches.

There is never a need to feel alone when you can be surrounded by those who genuinely care and will be an online support system for you.


Prayers of Power and Strength

Be prayed over OR pray a powerful Biblical prayer over yourself!


There are times when we simply need someone else to pray over us. These audio prayers are packed with power, anointing and authority to help you break free in your life.

We’ve also provided the prayer in written form so you can personalize it and pray it over yourself. Again, just as powerful… if not MORE so because now YOU are praying it over yourself.

Memorization Made Easy

Memorizing Scripture has never been so easy when it is done for you.


Knowing the Word of God by memory is a HUGE key to breakthrough. However, it can be difficult to do.

We have put together a tool to make it easy for you. Our audio/videos make it so anyone can learn and memorize Scripture as they follow along with us. 

You’ll love how quickly you find yourself knowing the Scripture you need in when you need it most. We cover many different themes.


Bold Fiery Proclamations

The Word of God proclaimed over you with power and authority!


When in a struggle, nothing beats being able to listen to someone else proclaim God’s Word over you with fire, power and authority.

It will empower you to want to conquer your fears, struggles and worries. Having God’s Word spoken over you changes you on a deep level that helps you to grow, heal and thrive.

Reflections & Worship

Listen to God’s healing and refreshing Words as you spend time in His presence.


Not only do we have LIVE sessions of worship, prayer and prophetic words, but we also have incredible videos with powerful scenes that will uplift and encourage you as you listen to God’s Word. 

These videos will infuse you with strength and rest as you set yourself up to hear from God.

When He speaks, you’ll learn to hear. He’s just that good!

Let’s Get Started

It’s time to take back your life and LIVE the GREATNESS God has for you!